Innovatively Simple


Jean Abrams
Sandersville (GA) Housing Authority

“We really love the HAB software. It is everything that we hoped it would be. We are still learning of course. The new software has made everything easier. Accounts Payable and Payroll were easy to learn and enables us to work more efficiently. We were afraid that we could not learn everything we needed to know in just a few days, but by the time they left we were comfortable in using the new software. We printed out some things and looked up some things online. Everyone at HAB has been easy to work with. We are very glad that we chose to upgrade.”


Michelle Sisk, Maintenance Administrative Assistant
Northeast Georgia Housing Authority

"I do want to say how much I really like the HAB software. I absolutely love the templates for the work orders. Also, the filters are great, especially when doing my month-end reports. The experience of learning something new is usually frustrating, but everything is straight forward and it hasn’t been a big deal to catch on and learn everything.”


Paula Draves, Section 8 Director 
Kansas City Housing Authority

“The Section 8 department really likes the HAB software. The HAB system offers so many things and you can convert data into Excel spreadsheets easily. HAB provided excellent training upfront and their support staff is top notch. One great thing about HAB is they release an update every quarter which shows in detail any changes/additions that have been made in the system. We really like the company overall and are glad that we made the change.”


Cathy Chambers, Deputy Director
Statesville (NC) Housing Authority

“The system works great for us and seems to streamline the processes. I know there is still a lot more we can do with the system. The reports are easy to get to and are very detailed. But most important to me is always support. When I have had to make a call (and it’s not been very often) I get a reply back quickly and it is taken care of.”


Betty Wiggins, Resident Services
Quitman (GA) Housing Authority

“It has been a very positive experience. It is quite different than our former system and was a big adjustment for me. I thought that I would never grasp it, but I did. All in all, great. I do miss speaking with Kay, Lisa, and Paul but know that I can speak with them if I have a need.”


Donald Smith, IT Consultant
Murfreesboro (TN) Housing Authority

“Of course, there is a learning curve to any new software that you are using, but the HAB team is very good at what they do. Once you get the hang of it you will appreciate the many functions it uses to make your job easier and more efficient. Our different departments have said that they complete more files than ever before. Once you make the choice to upgrade to HAB, the conversion from WCS to HAB is simple. I appreciate the security features that the HAB team has built. I also use the community service section of the program and I love it. It keeps track of everything, and I will scan various forms, letters, and timesheets and attach them to the client’s file.”


Wes Wagonseller, Accountant
Murfreesboro (TN) Housing Authority

“I have worked with the HAB software at 2 different housing authorities. The ability to access so many different programs and files to get the needed information on a timely manner is what sets HAB apart from other software packages. In addition, the technical support that we receive is second to none. Either by phone or email, they will respond to any problem that arises. I would recommend HAB to any housing authority that needs to get the latest and best software there is.”


Donald Hicks, Executive Director
Statesville (NC) Housing Authority

“We are enjoying the HAB software. For accounting I especially enjoy the ease of uploading to Excel and just noticed during this year’s Y/E that you can continue adding to just one JV and the adjustments are extended out in the FMS report system so you can see the change without updating the JV. If a mistake, you can just correct the JV and not key in a new one. It’s a lot of little things like that that make this software efficient.”


Doris Farrar, Finance Director
Northeast Georgia Housing Authority

"From my point of view the transition from WCS to HAB has gone rather smoothly. On the accounting end, we have had very few issues/glitches and HAB has been responsive to resolving/assisting me. I find the accounting related modules very straightforward and easy to work with. I am still learning and discovering more and more every day all the things the software can do and how it makes this department much more efficient."


Mr. Shaler Roberts, Executive Director
Florence (AL) Housing Authority

"The training provided by Judy was very well received by my staff. It enhanced our ability to use the software. I would like to set up an annual training based on our conversion date. The first training would be next March. This will help with our conversion to Project Based Accounting/Management and what we are and will be facing in the voucher program."


Mr. Doug Rise, Executive Director
Bay City (MI) Housing Authority

"We've been with HAB since they introduced their first DOS‑based software program, and transitioned to the Window's based program in 1998. I've been especially impressed with HAB's commitment to R&D, to staying current with their software's capabilities."

"I'd recommend HAB to any other housing authority because they have a stable product that's been a very a useful tool. It runs like clockwork."

"The Sequential Query Language (SQL) language used in HAB's software allows us to customize the program if needed.  We go into Report Writer, put in our parameters, and it spits out exactly what we need." 


Mr. Bob Brennecke, Information Technology Coordinator
Clearwater (FL) Housing Authority

"We like the HAB software. It's easy to use, with its drop down menus and windows. It progresses logically, and is user friendly."

"HAB's tech support is great. When we call with a problem, they call us back that day or within 24 hours."

"HAB paid very much attention in converting from the old MTCS to the new PIC 50058 electronic form. It was critical to mirror HUD's form in order to upload to the public information system. The HAB software talks to PIC software; if we've had an error, it's been a user error or a problem with the PIC program."


Ms. Jane Alberts, Executive Director
La Crosse (WI) Housing Authority

"We've been a HAB client right from the beginning. We've been very satisfied with HAB's service. Their staff has been great. They stay up‑to‑date with all the new HUD and PIC information. We're happy with the product and the service."

"The Tech Support has been great."

"HAB really knows about accounting practices in the housing industry. Their knowledge level is high and their staff is more experienced because there isn't a lot of staff turnover. Their staff stays with them because HAB is a good company."


Mr. Kevin Loso, Executive Director
Rutland (VT) Housing Authority

"I can tell you without reservation that (HAB trainers) provided an outstanding series of trainings tailored to our unique needs and expectations."

"Their extraordinary knowledge base, understanding of public housing, teaching expertise and good humor made for an outstanding experience for my staff."

"HAB can be proud of the manner in which these professionals represent your organization in the field"


Mr. Skip Szymanski, Chief Operating Officer
Housing Authority City of Santa Barbara (CA)

"As Rob Fredericks (Director of Administrative Services) said referring to HAB, "Did we join up with a 21st Century company or what?!" We had a web broadcast meeting with HAB this morning at 7:00 AM. By 1:00 PM we had the meeting available on line for all to see!"

"Perhaps the best part of all of this is that the software and reports offered on the online training were instigated in part by inquiries by our HA. HAB has been very responsive and seems to provide what we need."

"I have high hopes that HAB will recognize our HA as a very progressive organization. It is our desire to become involved enough with HAB that we may provide feedback and testing to help further develop your software in a manner that will ultimately make our Housing Authority as efficient and HUD compliant as possible. I look forward to this process, which leads me to say, HAB is currently the best overall housing authority software I have reviewed. With the responsiveness of HAB's development team, I see the software constantly getting even better."